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Serendipity: The Ultimate Goal of Digital Marketing

Quit mapping your buyer’s journey! Instead, make it your goal to be everywhere your clients need you, whenever they need you. When Did ‘Social’ Become ‘Media’? I’m certainly not the first person to point this out, but it bears repeating: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn weren’t designed as media properties. They were to replace old-school social networking platforms like bulletin boards, discussion forums, Usenet, […]

Mastering The Salmon Dance: Why High Quality Content Isn’t Enough To Get Noticed Online

Have you seen the following interview with Jay Baer (posted on Convince and Convert) in which he talks about the recent changes to Google’s search engine algorithms Panda and Hummingbird? In this interview, Jay explains why Panda and Hummingbird mean that producing high quality authoritative content is becoming a minimum requirement to getting customer attention. If you care about […]

The Flipboard Effect: What If They Never See Our Content?

It took Google thirteen years to fill the online marketplace with search-friendly customers and web-enabled vendors. Today, blogging, social sharing and marketing automation are filling the marketplace with content. And most of it is crap. In response, your buyers are starting to use personal media sifting / curation apps like Flipboard and Apple News to filter all the […]