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Omni-Channel Performance Marketing

Be everywhere your buyers need you. Pay only for sales and leads delivered.

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Content That Converts

Leverage our world-class assets to find and convert buyers using facts, not hype & trickery.

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Invest In New Relationships

Not Technology.

A Mobile - First Performance Marketing Agency

For Fast-Growing Consumer Tech Companies


We operate hundreds of mobile-friendly websites, social platforms & mobile apps in a dozen big-ticket consumer industries.

designed to convert

Our mobile assets generate leads & sales because they address key questions that occur near the end of the buyer's journey.

Pay For Sales & Leads

Likes and shares don't pay the bills. Let us worry about the content and the technology. Focus on your customers, instead.


Everything we do is data-driven, but our methods and our assets are direct, personal and easy to understand.

Yes We Have a Blog

Random musings on how to turn media chaos into customers.

Serendipity: The Ultimate Goal of Digital Marketing

Quit mapping your buyer’s journey! Instead, make it your goal to be everywhere your clients need you, whenever they need you. When Did ‘Social’ Become ‘Media’? IR[...]

10 Ways To Introduce Yourself to a Prospect On Twitter

It can be awkward to introduce yourself to a prospective customer on Twitter. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it. On Twitter, millions of people ask for help and advice every day.[...]

Mastering The Salmon Dance: Why High Quality Content Isn’t Enough To Get Noticed Online

Have you seen the following interview with Jay Baer (posted on Convince and Convert) in which he talks about the recent changes to Google’s search engine algorithms Panda and Hummingbird? In t[...]

Marketing With One Eye Closed: Closing the Gap Between Social Media & Marketing Automation

A few years ago, I began stewing about the obvious lack of integration between social media monitoring software (SMMS) and marketing automation platforms (MAP). I was kind of forced to, because my o[...]

How Much Do Influencers Really Matter in Social Media?

A recent excellent Harvard Business Review article pointed out the dangers of relying on social media data as proof of social media influence. What Would Ashton Do—and Does It Matter? In his article[...]

The Flipboard Effect: What If They Never See Our Content?

It took Google thirteen years to fill the online marketplace with search-friendly customers and web-enabled vendors. Today, blogging, social sharing and marketing automation are filling the marketplac[...]

10 Best Practices for Generating Leads and Sales From Twitter

While NeedTagger was online in 2012-2014, we helped over 7,000 of businesses find and connect with new customers on Twitter. Along the way, we learned a few things about the right and wrong ways to [...]

Does Purchase Intent Exist in Social Media?

Does purchase intent exist in social media? If so, can it be mined for leads and sales like search engine queries can? For most marketers, purchase intent doesn’t pop into their head when talking ab[...]

How To Grow Your Business Using Social Media: Be Helpful – not ‘Interesting’

A recent Forbes.com article proudly laid down a challenge to the global business world: ”Be Interesting – or Be Ignored“. (image credit: Shirtoid, where you can put it on a tshirt) The article[...]

Social Media Enters Its Third Inning: It’s Time To Score

Social media is entering the third inning of its evolution as a marketing channel.   Are you ready to score some sales? The First Inning: Batter Up! The first inning of social media marketing involve[...]

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Based in Northwest Florida, we serve clients in a dozen big-ticket consumer industries (+ more to come).

With decades of product marketing experience, Vernon is involved with every project from inception to analytics.

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Our Hawaiian team specializes in white hat SEO.

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